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express polish by desmond

1-hour express touch-up polish

SGD 50.00

ONLY for Rolex/Panerai Watches (except Titanium, White Gold and Platinum)

Service Includes:

1) Authentication/Valuation Service(if needed)
2) Removal of red stains on gold, caused by sweat
3) Soft buffing to remove small scratches and to reduce deep scratches
4) Ultrasonic cleaning of bracelet to remove all dirt!
5) Cape cod buff to restore shine
6) Live Polishing when you can watch us polish right in front of you!
(All the above will be done within an hour per watch)

What we can do:
- Most Glossy Surfaces
- Straight Brushed Surfaces
- Rings(Cartier Love Ring, Bulgari Bzero1, etc)
- All Metal Accesories that are not coated

What we cannot do:
- Curved/Rounded Brushed surfaces
- Glossy Surfaces smaller than 0.4cm
- Coated Metal Surfaces (e.g. Belt Buckle, Fashion Watches)
Rings ~ $30
Watches(with or without bracelet) ~ $50

Your watch will be polished by Desmond, who polish watches almost everyday for 2 years!
Please contact Desmond at 9366 1393 to book your appointment now!

Terms and Conditions:
- Polishing Service will only take place between 12-6pm weekdays only, we will not take any polishing jobs on weekends.
- Sales/Purchase customer will be priority, polish might take slightly longer if we are busy with customers.
- Express Service only for Rolex/Panerai Watches