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To buy a brand new or a pre-owned watch?

To buy a brand new or a pre-owned watch?

To Buy Brand New or Pre-owned Watch: That is the Question

This is a very substantial problem posed by investing in a decent watch, that most people deal with before deciding on the model they will acquire. Nonetheless, pre-owned in the watch world doesn’t have the same meaning as in the furniture market for instance: let’s be honest, who would consider buying a second-hand bed?

But pre-owned watches have begun a process of luxurification, besides from generally being kept in a very good condition which makes it hard for most people to tell them apart from the brand new models.

Consequently, tackling the issue of brand new vs. pre-owned depends on the following factors:

Psychological issues.

Buying a new watch can make you feel more comfortable because you know it’s only been yours and no one else’s.

That in turn gives you a sense of uniqueness and true ownership, which are relevant for most watch owners.

Brand reputation.

If the brand has a good reputation, such as Rolex for instance, you can confidingly acquire a vintage or pre-owned watch because you know it will be up to standard.

However, if the brand is recent on the market it’s advisable to buy one of its newer models since its trustworthiness isn’t yet well established.

Watch condition

If a watch you are planning to buy is in top shape, even if it has been owned by someone else before, you can purchase it lightheartedly.

On the other hand, you can be sure that a brand new model doesn’t require any further restoration, so that’s an investment you can cut off the list when buying new watches.


Used watches cost less than newer models, and if you’re thinking of a potential future return of investment, you can benefit more from a pre-owned watch.

Nevertheless, take into account the restoration expenses this watch might claim to find out if the final price tips the balance in the favor of the newer model or not.

Why should you care about the cost so much? Well, if you’re planning on making a long-term investment and potentially getting a profit with the purchase of your watch, the initial cost is a significant factor to consider.

Besides, you might also want to trade the watch somewhere in the future – even without expecting much profit – so that you can continue being in the lines of fashion. In this instance, you’d want a watch that at least has value retention and doesn’t bring you a great financial loss. 

The benefits of brand new watches

Even if pre-owned watches may look very similar to the new models, these have a few advantages you can’t get from used watches, such as:

  • Current dated warranty card.
  • Dealer tag.
  • Standard hang tag.
  • Factory warranty by the brand’s service centre.
  • Unpolished and no scratches at all.

If the dealer tag and standard hang tag aren’t really so momentous apart from securing your peace of mind, the warranty cards can be quite significant because they not only attests the watch’s veracity but they can additionally be used to exchange the watch if it malfunctions.

The last benefit is quite obvious when it comes to the no-scratching part, but it’s also quite significant when it comes to the watch being unpolished. In point of fact, a polished bracelet will never look the same as a new, unpolished one, being a give-away that the watch is pre-owned.

The benefits of pre-owned watches

That being said, if the above characteristics of new watches aren’t particularly weighty in your point of view, pre-owned watches also entail some boons which you may find more appealing:

  • They can look exactly the same as the new models.
  • They cost less.
  • They don’t depreciate as much as their new counterparts.
  • Some can have a warranty from a trustworthy watch dealer.

Basically, the best thing to do is buy a pre-owned watch only from a trustworthy watch dealer, because that will guarantee that the watch is 100% authentic. Besides, you will have up to two years warranty to ensure your peace of mind because when buying a pre-owned watch the servicing history could be ambiguous at times.

Conclusively, acquiring a new watch or a pre-owned one is such an issue because it cannot be settled objectively. Undisputedly, both options have significant advantages but their true significance depends mostly on everyone’s subjective nature, which makes the final choice highly individual and jaundiced.