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Tell tale signs of a fake rolex

Tell tale signs of a fake rolex

Tell Tale Signs of a Fake Rolex

Owning a Rolex is a dream come true for many people, but if you’re thinking about buying a vintage or a pre-owned model which doesn’t have the tags and warranties of a new model, you can easily be tricked. And that’s because counterfeiting luxury watches has become more profitable and hence more advanced technology-wise, which means a lot of people can unknowingly buy fake Rolexes unless they check for tell tale signs such as:

An unknown seller

If you’re looking at a great future investment brought by acquiring a Rolex, you should always make the purchase from a trustworthy dealer. Hence, you can easily check online for a seller which can give you a guarantee of authenticity.

Don’t rely on sites like EBay and Craigslist, because scam artists can also use these sites and pose as honest dealers because their info isn’t ascertained when creating an account.

A low quality watch

Rolex manufactures its watches from a high quality 904L steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion, apart from other precious metals. If you’re looking very carefully at the watch you’re buying, you shouldn’t be able to see any imperfection since this brand is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship.

Faux chapter ring

At the 12 o’clock position on the chapter ring, make sure the crown is aligned to the hour marker, because a fake Rolex will not have this alignment. Besides, check that the workmanship of the chapter ring is sharp and fine, since the Rolex quality is exquisite whilst stand-offs aren’t quite as precise as the original.

Fake stampings

Genuine Rolexes always have the brand’s name and logo, but some fake ones which are also very poor in quality might not even put them on the watch, or might make some obvious mistake in the writing style.

Fake movement

Rolex replicas are never as precise and well crafted as the true Rolex, because this brand invests a lot of effort in making the watch’s movement seamless.

Conversely, counterfeit watches will have more mechanical movements which is a dead give-away of a fake. As such, if you shake these watches you will hear a rough noise coming from inside them, because their movement isn’t as perfect as the original Rolex’s.

Fake Cyclops

The Cyclops is a magnifying lens that the Rolex has on its face, which is convex and magnifies the date 2.5 times.

If you’re looking at a Rolex replica, this lens will be flat and the date will not be magnified to this extents.

Not water resistant

Forged Rolexes may not pass the waterproof test, leaving you with a damaged watch if you decide to use it for underwater activities on your leisure time.

Not heavy enough

Fake watches are made from shady materials, which weigh less than the ones used by Rolex. Hence, the replicas themselves will weigh less and also have a more fragile appearance.

Fake Caseback

Rolex watches don’t have clear casebacks which allow you to see the movement beneath the case, and they are also not engraved with anything like some replicas are.

No micro-etched logo

Another sign that you’re buying a counterfeit watch is the absence of the micro etched logo that Rolex started to engrave on its crystal in 2002. Being so very small, it’s hard to replicate and therefore absent in most fake Rolexes. However, some replicas may include this logo but in a too obvious fashion which you can easily spot even without light.

Low price

Since a good quality Rolex uses last minute technology, impressive craftsmanship and topnotch materials, it costs more than a replica that can easily be sold for a couple of hundred dollars, while real Rolexes often cost between $ 4000 and $ 9000.

Shady location

If you’re buying your Rolex from a vendor that creeps in a dark alley, it might not be the real deal. Trusted vendors have enough money to invest in a decent looking location for their shop.

Fake ticking

Since the technology behind the Rolex is flawlessly employed, the ticking sound is also something that can’t be easily replicated. Counterfeit watches most generally have a very loud ticking as opposed to real Rolexes.

That being said, you should also be careful about all the above details but if you’re still not sure you can always check with an expert, seeing as how the forging industry has recently become more proficient at manufacturing very similar Rolex replicas.