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How to choose the right watch for your outfit

How to choose the right watch for your outfit

How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Outfit

We all know that the jewelry we assort to our outfits can either make them or break them, so it’s rather important to leave a good impression, and select very carefully the watch we’re planning to wear depending on the occasion and our attire. Consequently, this article aims to give you the best insights on how to choose the right watch to match your outfit, by following these three simple rules.

1. Respect the level of formality

If you’re going at a black tie event and you’re going to be dressed up, you have to wear a watch that reflects classicality and timelessness, whereas if you’re going to hang out with your friends at the beach, a more casual watch can be picked.

Therefore analog watches which have hour and minute hands are better representatives of the first category, while digital watches which have an LCD display are better suited in the latter situations.

As such:

  • Dress watches are the epitome of formality and hence perfect for black tie or white tie events, since they can only be worn on specific occasions and the most expensive models are made out of precious metals. Rolex Platinum Pearlmaster is a great example of a dress watch.
  • Diver’s watches such as the Rolex Submariner are especially made for underwater diving, but can be confidently worn for business dress or at business casual occasions.
  • Sports watches are versatile and can be worn both at formal and informal events, such as for business dress or sports. The Rolex Daytona is a great example for this category.
  • Pilot watches like the GMT Master II are pretty large and have a simple design that makes them very easy to read. They can be worn at casual events as well as in business casual occasions.
  • Field watches are very durable and versatile, with a simple design that makes them of a moderate size and easy to read. They are also great for business casual or casual events, like the Rolex Datejust II.
  • Gadget watches such as the Rolex Yachtmaster II that incorporate last-minute technology and aren’t only timepieces are considered casual or sports-appropriated.

2. Think of the material

There are a few rules of proper attire which you may want to consider especially for business or black tie events like:

  • Black watchband goes with black shoes.
  • Brown watchband goes with brown shoes.
  • Silver/ gold watchband goes with either black or brown.
  • The metal case of the watch must complement other pieces of your attire, like the rings you wear, cuff links, shoe buckles and belt buckle.
  • Gold goes with gold, and earthy tone colors.
  • Silver goes with silver, and blue-grey-black nuances.

3. Consider your shoes

If you’re out of ideas and really confused about how you should adapt your watch to your outfit, the best bet is to pick a model that goes well with your shoes. Therefore:

  • Black shoes can be more formal, therefore you can opt for a formal watch.
  • Brown shoes are more informal, and go better with a casual or business casual timepiece.
  • Formal shoes such as Oxford balmoral black shoes are irreproachably represented by a black-tie or white-tie type of watch.
  • Loafers or moccasin-like shoes, with a low flat heel, are casual shoes that can pass for dress shoes. Therefore a business casual watch from the above list is better suited for them.
  • Black or blue-grey shoes go better with a silver watchband, while shoes in brown or in other earth tones are better complimented by a gold watch.

Let’s take the example of a Rolex Sea Dweller. This watch has a steel case with a black satin dial, and indexes with luminous material encircled by white gold. Following the above rules, it’s great for business or business casual events. It can be worn with black shoes, a silver ring and cuff links, and a navy blue or black costume. A pair of black or blue-grey formal shoes will look great to give the desired finish to your attire.

On the other hand, Rolex Milgauss’s new model has an orange seconds hand in the shape of a lightning, highlighting this watch’s purpose of keeping magnetic fields at bay. It’s therefore an affordable watch, which is perfect for casual events. Where it with a pair of brown moccasin shoes and choose an earth-toned outfit to go with it. Gold jewelry will also complement the color of this Rolex perfectly.

All that being said, choosing the right watch for your outfit and occasion isn’t something that should give you much trouble if you get the basic principles straight. That can also help you further develop a personal style and try new combinations which reflect your personality, as long as you’re moving in the space set out by these guidelines.